Cricova Cellars

The Cricova winery is recognized as national cultural property, being today a real underground city with galleries with a length of 120 km.

Sparkling wine is a real king of the underground wine city of Cricova, here there are stored more than 3 million bottles, which is roughly equal to the population of the Republic of Moldova.

A unique collection of 1,300,000 bottles of wine is stored in the cellars, some of them belong to such famous personalities as Angela Merkel or Vladimir Putin. In addition, 158 rare wine brands from Bordeaux, Burgundy, Moselle, Tokai or the Rhine are also stored here.

At the same time, at a depth of 80 meters under the ground, there is cinema made in stone with a capacity of 40 people.



Food and Beverages Award 1995 Barcelona, ​​Spain.
Golden Europe Award 1996, Paris.
The Golden Griffin 2000, Yalta. Gold medal
Alko & Drinks Show 2002, Moscow. Gold medal
Gold griffin 2002, Yalta. Gold medal
Chardonnay du Monde 2003, Bordeaux, France. Bronze medal
Prodexpo 2003 Moscow. Gold medal
FBAT International Wine Challenge 2005 Bangkok. Gold medal
ExpoVin MOLDOVA 2005. Gold medal
The Golden Gryphon 2006, Yalta. Gold medal
Brand of the Year 2006 - "CRICOVA". Gold Mercury in the nomination "Loyalty".
The Golden Gryphon 2006 Yalta. Super Grand-Prix
Golden Griffon 2007 Yalta. Gold medal
The International Wines & Spirits Competition 2007. Bronze medal
Chisinau Wines & Spirits Contest 2007. Gold medal
The Golden Gryphon.
National Wine Day 2008. Gold medal
National Wine Day 2008. Diploma - the best wine producer
National Wine Day 2009. Gold medal
Brand of the Year 2009 - Lacrima Dulce. Golden Mercury in the nomination "New name".


USA, China, Japan, the Baltic States, Israel

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