Negru de Purcari

Red wines
  • Purcari


    Legal form: JE „Vinăria Purcari” LLC

  • Address Chișinău, Șos. Hâncești nr. 43
  • Phone +373 22 856 028
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Aged red dry wine
70% Cabernet-Sauvignon, 25% Saperavi, 5% Rara Neagră
Negru de Purcari is the king of Purcari wines – noble, with a rich structure and a generous bouquet it truly has a regal palate. After tasting Negru de Purcari, Federico Giotto, the famous Italian wine expert, said: "This wine is like an iron fist, dressed in a velvet glove!" Intense ruby color with a garnet hue. This wine seduces with a velvety taste, balanced with oak and fruit tones. The bouquet surprises with fine shades of plums, chocolate and figs and develops, in time, revealing fine aromas of vanilla and saffron. Negru de Purcari fascinates with a noble and magnificent taste, its value continuously increasing each year.
Alc: 14%

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