Vinăria Agrici

Customization of a batch of bottles using the "private label".


Agrici Wine promotes a progressive approach to winemaking in creating a modern wine that invites you to discover in its taste, the terroir it comes from, by skilfully combining innovation and sustainability in a creative spirit of secular traditions.Family owned and operated, Agrici Wine is the perfect venue to showcase handcrafted batches of wine. The winery for over half a century it produced wine from handpicked grapes from it’s own 80 hectares of vineyards located in Mileștii Mici, as well as from carefully selected areas within the central and southern wine regions of Moldova, including Codru, Valul lui Traian and Ştefan Vodă.

Following year 2000, the winery underwent a dramatic organizational and equipment overhaul to enable it to bring exclusive wines to domestic and international customers. Consequently, investments were made in new equipment for grape processing; fermentation tanks, stainless steel barrels for storage of wine. Today, the winery is a dynamic facility employing the latest vinification techniques. By giving top priority to quality, Agrici Wine emphasizes control over the entire production process, from the processing of grapes to the distribution of wine.


Commercial brands

Mildavia, Agrici


Romania, Sweden, Belarus, Ukraine

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