Anni Marso

Products are mainly custom made


- Bags, backpacks, banana-bags, sports bags, wallets, purses, folders for documents, cardholders, keyholders;
- Jewelry: bracelets, necklaces, cuffs = wide cuff bracelets, collars = wide necklaces collars, hair hoops, earrings, brooches, bow ties, scarves and bandanas, buffs, berets;
- Men's and women's belts, harnesses, thongs on the legs;
- Goods for intimacy: lashes, handcuffs, masks, necklaces, collars, feathers for caresses;
- Carnival masks, costumes, masks for Halloween;
- Clothes made of leather, artificial leather and fabrics;
- Tobacco accessories - tobacco pouches;
- Covers for tablets, earphones, hookahs and a carrying case-bags for yoga.


Company Stores

  • Design Studio by Anni Marso Chisinau, Randunele str. 13/1 business hours: 9:00 - 18:00

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