The company can produce custom-made divins, personalized products for other companies and local businesses.


The state enterprise Aroma is one of the oldest companies in Moldova. Currently it produces 69 denominations of alcoholic beverages, well-known both on domestic market and abroad.

Divins are manufactured in accordance with French classical technologies, being stored in oak barrels or in tanks with added oak wood (in case of ordinary divins up to 5 years old). The company has 7 production units where distillates are kept or "blends" are resting. The age of produced divins vary from 3 to 55 years.

Here we can find the oldest distillate of Moldova, which is stored here since 1944.



Aroma, Ambasador, Dacia, Basarabia, Lucezarnîi, Chişinău, Moldova, Belîi Aist, Ciornîi Aist, Moldavschii Aist, Fenix, 3***, Domnesc, Excelent, Consul, Aroma-Prim, Corifeu, Nostalgie.


Quality Management System and Conformity to International Standards ISO – 9001


Romania, Ukraine, Belarus, Germany, Israel, Canada

Company Stores

  • Chisinau, T. Ciorba str., 38 business hours: 8:00-19:00
  • Chisinau, С. Tanase str., 9 business hours: 9:00-18:00

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