Individual orders for fur carpets of different sizes are accepted. The order can be made at one of the sales points by a consultant of the company.


Artizana Factory is one of the leading enterprises of the fur industry in Moldova. The evolution from a small home workshop, to a multifunctional complex for processing and sewing fur products lasted about 100 years. The main strategy of the company is the combination of the experience with modern technologies and the desire for constant growth in the quality of products. The company actively cooperates with Italian companies and uses foreign technologies. Most of the products have no analogues on the Moldovan market.
One of the priority of the company is the production of sheepskin products. There are uses only highest quality raw materials, acquired in Moldova and in countries such as Australia, Uruguay, and Romania. To ensure the high quality of products, there are used modern and environmentally friendly raw materials.
With the purpose of widening the assortment in 2009, a new direction of sewing production was created. Now the company produces all kinds of fur products: carpets; slippers; backpacks; waistcoats; bags; hats; various fur accessories.


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