Vinăria Bardar
  • Vinăria Bardar

    MV Fabrica de Vinuri „Vinăria-Bardar” SC

  • Location r. Ialoveni, s. Bardar, str. Uzinelor 3
  • Founded 1994
  • Phone +373 26337241
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In 1929 a German entrepreneur named Muller, laid the foundations of what is today Bardar Winery – a small distillery in the village BARDAR.
Already in 40’s this distillery was transformed into a veritable factory for the production of distillates and wines. Currently Bardar Winery is in TOP 3 cognac producers in Republic of Moldova.
The company produces cognac – wine distillates, aged 3 years, 5 years, 7 years, 10 years, 15 years and 20 years.
Unlike wine, which can be considered a living organism until it is consumed, the distillates live only in a barrel. As the quality of wood and indoor humidity are fundamental for the final product.
The same importance has the ability of the specialists to select distillates and merge them in the necessary proportion to provide a perfect harmony. This process is known as blending. Vinaria-Bardar’s specialists deal directly with these products and have an experience of over 25 years.


1. Black Sea Region & ExpoVin Moldova 2018
- Bardar Silver/Divin Bardar 12 ani – Gold Medal
- Bardar Gold/ Divin Bardar 5 ani - Bronze Medal
2. Black Sea Region & ExpoVin Moldova 2017
- Bardar Gold/ Bardar 12 ani – Gold Medal


China, Korea, Lithuania, Nigeria, Poland, Taiwan

Company Stores

  • Ialoveni, Bardar Village, Uzinelor str. 3
  • Chisinau, Calea Iesilor str. 10B

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