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The select wines of Basavin Winery are processed according to the “vendage manuelle” technology. The ripest and healthy grapes are harvested by hand, also there is a strict control of the fermentation temperature and later the wine is matured in oak barrels.

Vintage – is done from early morning (between 5 and 11am) to keep the grapes cool and fresh till they arrive to the factory for rigorous processing. Once grapes arrive to the factory they are subjected to manual selection holding 2-stage sorting of the ripest and healthy grapes. Afterwards, grapes are processed by the most famous and professional equipment from France named “Vaslin Bucher”.

Selected Wines in Moldova from Basavin Winery Manufacturer Basavin Winery offers favorites, red and white wines in Moldova. Wine Cahors in Moldova from Basavin. basavin Moldova, basavin winery Moldova, basavin Moldova, Moldova wine, Moldavian basavin wi

Romance, Grandfather’s wine, Chateau du Basavines


1. Black Sea Region Contest 2017:
Kagor – Great Gold Medal
Albernet –Gold Medal;
Cabernet Gold – Silver Medal.
2. Internatonal Wine Contest Bucharest 2017:
Cabernet - Silver Medal.


United States of America, China, Poland, Czech Republic, Romania, Belarus, Germany

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  • Wine Shop Basavin Chisinau, Mihai Eminescu str. 40 business hours: 9:00-18:00

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