Draught Oak Beer Bochkovoe


This beer is brewed without using chemical ingredients and GMOs (genetically modified organisms), according to the German Beer Purity Law adopted in year 1516, which states that for beer brewing there is to be used only malt, hop, beer yeasts and water. Manufacturing beer we do not use any chemical additives (stabilizers, conservants, foaming agents).

The main difference of the draught oak beer “Bochkovoe” is that it is brewed, as well as at many Czech local breweries, in conformity with the Small Brew Act. Its special familiar taste and oak flavor, achieved when ageing young beer for nearly six weeks in oak casks, is, certainly, a triumph of a sophisticated Master over totally automated industrial engineering.

The draught oak beer is a hand-made beer, is produced without accelerated technologies, that is why all the manufacturing process lasts nearly 60 days.

Net Mass: 0,5l (glass),1l (PET), 5l and 50l (keg)


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