• Berrymania

    EC „MoBerry”

  • Location r. Rezina, s. Cuizăuca
  • Founded 2003
  • Phone +373 00000000
  • Products

    Chokeberry, sweet cherry, raspberry, canned products


Chockeberry of Nero (Clon 196) is grown on 3.5 hectares from 2015. Harvest: 10-15 tons.
In addition, the company has 7.5 hectares of sweet cherries, one white and 4 red European varieties. Harvest: 80 tons.
and 1 hectares of raspberries planted in 2016. Harvest: 4 tons.

In 2017, one and a half tons of pastilles were produced.
Also the manufacturer offers several types of jam (Chockeberry and Iosta, gooseberry and wild cherry, quince with honey and ginger, pumpkin with oranges and cinnamon, pumpkin with lemon and pumpkin seeds) - 3000 jars.


Commercial Brands

Prune Bune, Vitamine, 4You


Safety certificate for plant origin foodstuffs issued by ANSA.

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