Magie Plus (coconut)

  • Bucuria


    Legal form: Bucuria SC

  • Address mun. Chișinău, str. Columna, 162
  • Phone +373 22 895600
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Sugary biscuits produced from high quality wheat flour, sprinkled with coconut chips.

Composition: wheat flour, sugar, margarine, coconut shavings - 5.4%, starch, milk powder, acidifier (lactic acid), emulsifier (lecithin), salt, egg powder, baking powder (sodium bicarbonate ), baking powder (baking soda), food aromatizer identical to the natural, vanilla. The product may contain an insignificant quantity of raisins, peanuts, poppy, sesame.

Shelf life: 150 days
Mass netto: 5,25 kg (21 x 250 g)
Packaging: 21 pieces in a cardboard box with size 380 * 228 * 175 (mm)

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