Bath salt Feng-shui WOOD

Body Care

Crimeean sea salt contains beta-carotene and all bio-components in its crystal structure, thus, preserving live marine biology and biochemistry. Unique pink color of the salt is due to the content in sea water of Dunaliella Sallinamicroalgae, representing a large natural source of naturalcarotenoids. It contains many healthful micro- and macro-elements, such as: iodine, fluorine, potassium, magnesium, calcium, bromine, sodium, natural beta-carotene (provitamin A) in an easily digestible form. Due to its properties, it draws out the fluid together with bacteria, viruses and toxins from inflamed tissues and wounds. Dissolved in water, macro-and micro-elements of bath salts relieve the pain and disinfect damaged tissues, stimulate cell growth.

The role of  WOOD elements: Contribute to development, growth and flourishing, bring inner peace and quiet, are antidotes to stress, cold and diseases. Alleviate spiritual pain, help to understand one's own self. Symbolize profit, harmony in relationships with other people, tranquility, carrier development, life and health. Nurture creativity and family. Cultivate tolerance and intelligence.

Weight: 1kg


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