For custom orders, one can choose sets according to their preferences: with different or identical snaps, 2 or 3 snaps, with the same or different print, monochromatic print, for girls, for boys and unisex.


Extenders are handmade manufactured in a house where there are no smoking and no pets, as this is primarily concern of young moms. They are made of soft natural cotton that is very durable, accurately designed for children's delicate skin, they do not cause irritation and take the shape of the body, as if the baby would carry a normal bodyweight body. To the cotton are added buttons that are used in the production of children's clothing. All of them form a set of three expanders that can be used for the whole wardrobe of the child, regardless of the brands that mothers already have in stock, will receive as a gift or will buy in the future.


Every customer may contact the producer on the phone, viber, whatsapp and facebook, choose one of the sets (little girl, boy, unisex) and pick the product up. Soon there will be established a delivery system.

Romania, UK

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