The producer offers custom-made underwear from quality fabrics and accessories


B’Queen brand offers intimate lingerie sets for women: bras with both push-ap and without, a good support of the chest which are extremely comfortable for every day or for special occasions, as well as panties in various designs: thong, slip, bikini or retro (high waist). There are used materials of highest quality: French lace of premium quality, natural silk, Italian tulle and velour, the royal cloth of Italian origin that truly embraces any woman.



1. Sanitary certificate for products: NR. 1126 DIN 26.04. 2018;
2. Certificate of Compliance: OC ICC 11 A 0005057-18, OC ICC 11 A 0005055-18, OC ICC 11 A 0005054-18, 0C ICC 11 A 0005056-18 of 21.06.2018.



Company Stores

  • b’Queen Showroom Chisinau, Alba Iulia str. 87/2 business hours: 9:00 - 19:00

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