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Custom Wedding Cakes are specialty cakes that come in many shapes and designs. Custom Wedding Cakes from "Franzelutsa" can certainly become the centerpiece at wedding reception. Made by hand, every custom cake is designed to meet specific requirements of the customer.
"Franzelutsa" wedding cakes can be made on the basis of the following existing cakes:

Cake “Amor” - will make your celebration special. The white and brown biscuit cake layers are coupled with cream, boiled condensed milk and cherries in their own juice.

Cake “Success” - is made with addition of boiled condensed milk and cherries canned in their own juice. This spectacular white cake will have you receive compliments not only on its taste, but also on its design.

Cake “Elita” - is composed of biscuit layers bound together with cream, glaze pieces, fruit filling and fresh banana pieces. This gorgeous cake will be one more talking point at your wedding.  

Cake “Celebritate” - is light and airy biscuit cake of white and brown layers bound together with coffee cream. Romantic dessert to delight your guests’ eyes as well as their taste buds.

"Franzelutsa" wedding cakes can be decorated with elegant figures, flowers or newlyweds custom to your request.

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