Chişinăul de Seară


Sweets of dried prunes with bitter-sweet taste, covered with chocolate coated. First prize and gold medal winner at the International Exhbition ProdExpo 2008, XV-th edition of the International Contest "Best Confectionery-2008" Moscow, Russia.

Ingredients: chocolate coating (sugar, cocoa mass, cocoa butter substitute, emulsifier (lecithin), food aromatizer identical to the natural), 51.0% pitted prunes, sugar, acidifier (citric acid).

*Lent product.

Shelf Life: 120 days
Mass netto: 2,9 kg; 4,5 kg (18*250 gr); 3,9 kg (10*390 gr)
Packing: Cardboard box with dimensions: 280*180*110 (mm); 380*285*126 (mm)

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