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    Legal form: Bucuria SC

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Unique sweets, a perfect combination of two different flavours-one of lemon jelly and another of candied roasted peanuts withhoney, glazed chocolate coating.The brand ofcandy "DO-RE-MI" was awarded with the prize «For high quality products" and received the silver medal at the international competition «Confectionery of the XXI century», which took place in 2007 in Moscow.

Ingredients: chocolate coating (sugar, cocoa mass, cocoa butter, emulsifier (lecithin), food aromatizer identical to the natural), nuts, sugar, honey, molasses, gelling agent (pectin), acidity regulator (sodium lactate), vegetable fat, acidifier (citric acid), emulsifier (lecithin), vanilla, food aromatizer identical to the natural dye.

*Lent product.

Shelf Life: 120 days
Mass netto: 4.2 kg (21 x 200 g), 2.8 kg (7 x 400 g)
Packing: 21 sets in a cardboard box with size 380 * 228 * 228 (mm); 7 sets in a cardboard box with dimensions 432 * 323 * 165 (mm)

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