Candy Sets

Chocolate coated two-layer sweets: one whipped and another of milk fudge with coffee flavour. Brand of candy "Folclor" received Grand-Pri  and gold medal at the 19th International Exhibition "World Food Moscow 2009", which took place from 15 to 18 September in Moscow (Russia).

Ingredients: chocolate coating (sugar, cocoa butter equivalent, cocoa powder, emulsifier (lecithin), food aromatizer identical to the natural one), sugar, condensed milk, molasses, vegetable fat, fruit puree, alcohol, coffee, natural dried egg white, gelling agent (agar), acidifier (citric acid), stabilizer (invertase), vanilla, dye.

Shelf life: 120 days
Mass netto: 2.5 kg (10 x 250 g)
Packaging: 10 sets in a cardboard box with size 432 * 323 * 165 (mm)

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