Crisna Handmade

The products can be customized, according to individual preferences of the client.


Handmade master Cristina Bejenari offers the following products: earrings, necklaces, bracelets, brooches, bowties, ties, collars, gloves, rings, hair elastics, belts, clutches, chokers, postcards. The jewelry is made using the old French lace technique, called tatting.

Materials used: thread, beads, stones, buttons, colored paper/cardboard, other decorations.

Production time:
- earrings/bracelets/brooches/rings/bowties/hair elastics/postcards - 2 days;
- necklaces/chokers - 3-5 days;
- gloves/belts/collars/clutches - 1-2 weeks.

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