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    Dameco Lux LLC

  • Location r. Criuleni, s. Măgdăcești, str. Ștefan cel Mare, 35
  • Founded 2002
  • Phone +373 00000000
  • Products

    Sausages and meat products


The company offers custom-made products, in various packages and sizes


The experience and traditions of the company which have steadily developed over the past 17 years, resulted in a special choice of spices that mixed with pork and beef produced in Moldova, give the products a refined and delicate taste. The special taste of the products is due to the adaptation of traditional Moldovan technologies to modern ones, as well as to a professional staff.
The company produces and delivers on the domestic market products, such as:
- Pork/ beef/ smoked raw chicken (using an old Italian recipe);
- Semi-smoked salami and boiled sausages;
- Smoked boiled sausages;
- Pork/ beef baked products;
- Ready meals.

The basic principles of „Dameco Lux” are:
· Production of a rich, high-quality products using pure meat, in strictly hygienic conditions;
· Usage of high quality ingredients made in Moldova;
· Customers satisfaction by meeting their needs;
· Increasing of sales volume and attracting of new customers.



Quality certificate ISO 22000:2005

Company Stores

  • Criuleni, Magdacesti, 35 Stefan cel Mare Street

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