The company is an official partner and representative of the Dutch company Hypor in the Republic of Moldova. Its main goal is the production of hybrid pigs based on purebred sows and boars from the best producers in Europe. Eurogenetics is a product of the highest European quality, which are exclusive for the Republic of Moldova. All animals are perfectly adapted to the climatic conditions of Moldova.

The technological process of the company includes the entire production cycle, as follows:
- Insemination of sows;
- Breeding of pregnant sows;
- Breeding of lactating sows;
- Breeding of piglets;
- Maturation of hybrid piglets.

The main advantages of Saws F1:
- Hybrid pig F1 Large White / Landras is a leader in matter of reproduction and longevity;
- Excellent improved reproductive qualities, multiple fetus and strong legs;
- Excellent milk and maternal qualities;
- Produces fast-growing, commercial pigs, the qualities of which meet the requirements of the meat processing industry.


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