26 August

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Oficiul Național al Viei și Vinului

Date and Time

Saturday, 26 August 2017,
11:00 - 21:00


Traseul R1 Chisinau-Ungheni, km 32


UVV IGP „Codru”,„Ștefan Vodă” ,„Valul lui Traian” și Asociația Producătorilor de Brandy și Divin


DeVin & DeGust Festival

The first festival of eno-gastronomic delights in the regions of Moldova with protected geographical indication.

On August 26, 2017, at the ethno-cultural complex Vatra, everyone will have the opportunity to take part in a festival of taste, aromas and local traditions. The event will feature 4 wine regions of Moldova with protected geographical location. For each of them on the territory of the complex there will be organized special themed zones:

PGI Region "Codru" - wine and meat,
PGI Region "Stefan Voda" - wine and fish,
PGI Region "Valul lui Trajan" - wine and cheese products,
PGI Region "Divin" - cocktails on the basis of divin and chocolate.

The festival "DeVin & DeGust" represents a unique opportunity to get acquainted with wine, gastronomic, and tourist potential, as well as cultural characteristics of the regions with PGI. At the entrance visitors will receive a glass for tastings and a map containing the location of all zones, that will offer everyone the possibility to immediately explore each region with PGI. Everyone will learn about the correct and conscious consumption of wine and its pairing with dishes characteristic for the above mentioned regions. Guests of the event will take part in wine and food tastings from various regions with PGI, as well as in gastronomic theater and masterclasses held by famous chefs and sommeliers, along with performances from various artists from these regions.

Besides these four zones designated to PGI regions, the event will also include zones like: gastronomic theater, entertainment zone, a zone for children decorated in a rustic style and equipped with everything necessary for rest and relaxation.

Everyone can get to the festival by showing a glass Wine of Moldova which visitors can buy at the entrance along with the wine card of Moldova. The price of a glass is 30 lei. Additional details are available here.

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