17 June

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Date and Time

Sunday, 17 June 2018,
10:00 - 17:00


s. Sipoteni, r. Călărași


+373 68373368


Drumul Fructelor 2018. Tayberry Day

A special edition of Drumul Fructelor campaign will offer everyone the chance to visit personally a tayberry plantation near Sipoteni.

Throughout one day, June 17, farmer Gheorghe Trifan from Sipoteni village, Calarasi, invites everyone to benefit from a unique experience. Therefore, people can go there with their personal car, gather and buy tayberries at a cheaper price.

Tayberry is a cross between the red raspberry and blackberry. It is a cone-shaped fruit with a strong aromatic flavor.

The phone number of Gheorghe Trifan is +373 68373368. Those interested can contact him directly to find out the exact location of the plantation and other details. The price is 40 lei per on kg.

Drumul Fructelor is a social campaign aimed to promote the consumption of Moldovan fruits, support Moldovan farmers and local agro-tourism.

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