Fresh & Joy
  • Fresh & Joy

    IE „Alexandru Chelaru”

  • Location mun. Chișinău, str. A. Botezatu 5
  • Founded 1995
  • Phone +373 00000000
  • Products

    Absorbent cloths, sponges, napkins, toilet paper


The company produces universal absorbent cloths for cleaning various surfaces. It also also produces sponges, sanitary napkins and toilet paper. Another activity is the wholesale and retail sale of cleaning products for home, offices and restaurants.



1. "Brand of the year 2015" Nomination "Profi" - prize "Golden Mercury"
2. "Brand of the year 2016" Nomination "Profi" - prize "Golden Mercury"
3. Golden Mercury 2015
4. Gold medal Notorium Trademark 2016

Company Stores

  • 66 Ion Creangă str., Chisinau

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