Funny Pig
  • Funny Pig

    FCE “Funny Pig” LLC

  • Location r. Florest, s. Gura Camencii
  • Founded 2008
  • Phone +373 00000000
  • Products

    Carcass meat, pigs (livestock), piglets for fattening

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The history of the company begins with the unification of livestock breeding complexes "Chirca", Anenii Noi district, Chirca village; "Gura Camencii", Floresti district, Gura Camencii village, and "Bolohani", Bolohani village. "Gura Camencii" complex specializes in a full production cycle, while livestock complexes "Chirca" and "Bolohani" are intended only for fattening of pigs weighing 25 kg and more.

The company uses most progressive three-phase system, when after the suckling period, the pigs are taken from the sows and when they are 24 days old, they are transferred to the growing group for young piglets. There they are kept up to 49 days, and then are transferred to the feeding sector, where they reach the market standards.

Providing a correctly balanced feed directly affects such indicators as the average daily weight of piglets, the quality of meat, the physical condition of newborns and lactation of sows. Therefore, the experts of the enterprise regularly monitor the quality of the purchased feed.

The "Gura Camencii" complex has a veterinary laboratory equipped with necessary medical equipment to prepare seed samples in individual containers. Further these containers are placed in specialized refrigerated containers for storage at a constant temperature. This room is also used for the organization of works on preventive and veterinary-sanitary measures, as well as for diagnostical studies.


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