• Furtună Victor

    FA „Furtună Victor Gheorghe”

  • Location r. Căușeni, c. Zaim
  • Founded 2012
  • Phone +373 00000000
  • Products

    Raspberries, garlic, decorative roses


The plantation surface is 1.2 hectares, and the raspberries are planted 2 meters apart. Approximate harvest: 12-15 tons of raspberries. The harvested variety is called Bulgarian Ruby, which productivity is up to 15 tons per ha.
The producer also grows garlic, yielding 10 tons a year in the period from June to August and decorative roses of 20 varieties - about 70,000 pieces per year.
He also grows seedlings of fruit trees. Between October and December, the producer annually sells about 100,000 seedlings.


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