The company offers customized fruit drying services


The company is a leader on Moldovan market, due to the high quality and assortment of dried products. It offers 100% natural products dried on installations using IR radiation. It does not contain extraneous impurities and odors, the products are environmentally friendly – they are made based on electrical energy.
At the moment the company produces approximately 40 tons of dried fruit in the assortment, i.е. guaranteed sales volume in the local market in the "premium" segment.
With the current equipment of the factory, the production volume can reach about 120 tons. With additional equipment, the production capacity can be even higher.


1. Quality Management System Certificate ISO 9001: 2000
2. Products Safety Management System Certificate ISO 22000: 2005, issued by the certification company SGS, UKAS accreditation.


Romania, Poland, Germany Israel

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