• Ina Minciuna

  • Location s. Slobozia Mare, r. Cahul
  • Founded 2015
  • Phone +373 00000000
  • Products

    Knitted and crocheted handmade products


One can order custom-made, personalized products. Term of execution: 1-4 weeks.


Ina Mincuna has been knitting for several years, while still a child, she learned these skills from her grandmother and older sister. The birth of the child was an important impetus for the development of this small business, and the support of her husband and family encouraged Ina to continue knitting. During pregnancy, she began to knit different products for her little girl, and in the next two and a half years, Ina specialized in the production of knitted shoes, bags, cardigans, blouses, hats and scarves.
Raw materials: cotton, merino.
Manufacturing period: shoes - up to 12 hours, cardigan - 5-14 days.



Italy, Romania, Belgium, Portugal

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