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    CJSC Tiraspol Winery & Distillery KVINT

  • Location or. Tiraspol, str. Lenin 38
  • Founded 1897
  • Phone +373 533 92025
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    Divins, wines, vodka and other strong drinks.

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The Tiraspol Winery & Distillery KVINT is one of the largest manufacturers of alcoholic beverages in Moldova.
The company manufactures wines, vodka, brandy, calvados and gins, but the most important product is the divin (cognac), as it provides 40 percent of the company's sales. The divins are aged between 3 and 50 years.
The "Kvint" factory has its own vineyards in the region of villages Doibani, Raskov and Yantarnoie on the left bank of the Dniester River. Here on the area of 2 thousand hectares, there are grown about 30 varieties of grapes.
In the Kvint facilities there are kept about 10 million liters of distillates, aged from 1 to 60 years.
The factory has its own well and the water comes from a depth of 105 meters.
The company has about 1200 employees (300 at the Tiraspol factory, others work in the vineyards and in the wine-making divisions in Doibani, Raskov and Yantarnoie. Other several hundred workers are employed seasonally).



Certificate of international standard ISO 22000:2005.


USA, Great Britain, Germany, Belgium, China, the CIS countries.

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  • 38 Lenin Street, Tiraspol business hours: 9:00-18:00

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