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Art Gallery Alexander was founded in 2000 by spouses Alexander Neceainecu (who is an architect) and artist Natalia Obada. It gathered the works of several local artists with an emphasis on such genres as symbolism, naive art and primitivism. Every art object is for sale.

Working hours: Wednesday - Saturday: 12 AM - 7 PM.

Featured works: paintings, sculpture, graphics, dolls and other handmade products, home decorations, ceramic products, papier-mâché.

Featured artists: Half of the works were created by Natalia Obada. Other artwork belongs to a group of artists with whom long-term cooperation relationships has been established (Tatiana Palamarciuc, Victor Gutu, Mark Verlan). For this reason and due to lack of space, the gallery does not work with new artists.

Exhibitions: due to lack of space, personal exhibitions are not currently organized.

Other products/ services: interior design, event decorations.

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