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All of the products made by Victor Pelin (masks, trophies, supports for wine bottles) are unique and the majority of sketches for the future pieces are also created by the craftsman.

When 25 years ago, Victor Pelin started his career as a craftsman, the wooden items made of roots were quite fashionable. "The main thing is to find an idea in the bends of the roots, - says the master, - to handle and give them a look. My roots works were sold all over the world. I even had I journal where I was writing: this sculpture went to Japan, this one – to the US, this one - to France."

Then, the demand for wooden panels increased. They are still popular, but not as popular as they used to be.

A focus on the wine theme

This focus is mainly based on the production of wine bottles supports. For the most part these are personalized gifts. There is a support, for example, shaped like a gun carriage with containing the logo of a company or any other thing. By the New Year holidays there are especially many orders, because companies and organizations make presents to their permanent or very important clients.

Wooden wine boxes with inlaid or carved ornament are also in vogue. Usually there is place for 4-5 bottles in such a box. Victor Pelin received the first orders for these products a few years ago - such gifts were given to the heads of states during the CIS countries summit, that took place in Chisinau.

Victor Pelin, using his experience, creates such wooden boxes for jewelry. On the inside they are plastered with dark velvet and look expensive and sophisticated.

Winepress for Bottles

Another popular wine related wooden product is the small decorative box shaped like a winepress which has the capacity to store 4 bottles of wine. It is smaller that a real winepress and when you remove the lid, a vertical cell for storing wine opens.

Trophies, not only for hunting

The production of wooden prizes and trophies is also in vogue. Almost all of these orders come from legal entities - businesses, organizations, banks, etc. "Typically the customer specifies the subject and explains his requests. On this basis, I draw a sketch. Afterwards I start working to built the item, - says Victor Pelin. - Now there is a lot of competitions, festivals, tournaments, and many organizations prefer to make original and unique wooden prizes and trophies."

A mask to remember

Wooden masks are also quite in demand. Usually they are given as presents for birthdays and anniversaries and they usually reflect the treats of the man who receive this present. "For example, I made such masks for the anniversaries of Nicolae Glib and Titus Jucov." Typically, these masks are hung on the wall, but some can be kept on a special support.

All of the products made by Victor Pelin (masks, trophies, stands for wine bottles) are unique and the majority of sketches for the future pieces are also created by the craftsman.

The quality depends on wood

The main wood material used in the manufacturing of decorative products is linden. It has a number of important qualities. First of all, it is soft, secondly – it is great to cut. Coniferous wood varieties - spruce or pine, on the other hand, are very difficult to cut across the fiber.

Another good quality of the linden is the fact that it does not crack, like apricot, for example.

In addition to an easy handling, linden has another remarkable quality - it is perfectly toned and has no spots. These qualities are also tupical for the oak: it is easy to process, easy to cut, it is quite toned, but is much rarely used and it is less popular than linden.

Generally the soft wood is used for manual processing. "To work on a lathe one uses hardwood " - says Victor Pelin. For example, oak or ash. Usually a lathe master gives a product, for example a plate, the shape and then manually puts on the drawing.

There are other types of local hardwood- cherry, apple or pear. Cherry and walnut are medium-hard woods. Willow is soft. Acacia, due to the fact that it dries and form cracks, is rarely used. However, its young branches are utilized for making national musical instruments – fluier (flute) and nai.

The amazing maple

Small wooden products with the finest thread are made of maple wood. Even the tiniest figures are carved in this wood that does not crumble and break. In older times important state stamps were made of maple, a fact that guaranteed their long-lasting functioning.

"Cherry is a wood of remarkable beauty, - says Victor Pelin. – It’s a pity even to spoil it with carvings or drawings. Oak is also very beautiful. To emphasize their texture, cherry and oak wood is slightly, imperceptibly tinted. This remarkable toning highlights the beauty of the wood.

The "Italian" furniture of Moldovan craftsman

"Usually I don’t work with furniture - says the craftsman - but sometimes I have several furniture related orders: for example people have purchased expensive Italian furniture. Everything is wonderful, but there is no table for TV. I build this "Italian" table. Rarely, I also take orders for processing the wood of the hunting rifles. Sometimes the gun owner wants to decorate it, for example with an image of a wild boar. This work is interesting, creative, but riffles are usually made of solid wood - maple. Processing it, though interesting, is extremely difficult."

The irreplaceable horseshoes

The most popular orders during the winter holidays are the wooden horseshoes. As you know, a horseshoe brings prosperity to our homes. "I decorate them with greetings, best wishes, and often, golden bells, - says the master. - They are reasonably priced, look really nice and are always in demand."