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Extracted from the ecologically protected area, Sangerei, Aqua UnIQa preserves the natural properties of water source to the point of its consumption.

MadeinMd started a new rubric called "Ask the producer", which aims to create a direct dialogue between domestic companies and Moldovan consumers. In this edition, the production director of company SRL "Gelibert", Sergiu Traistaru gave answers to all the questions related to the process of production, processing and packaging of water Aqua UnIQa.

What plastic it is used for the manufacturing of bottles?

The bottle is made of polyethylene terephthalate (abbreviated PET). Raw materials used to produce the bottles are certified and approved by the Ministry of Health of the Republic of Moldova.

What are the benefits or dangers of mineral water consumption?

Only certified doctors can offer a specific answer to this question after the analysis of a product. It is considered that the daily intake of water should contain no more than 1 gram of salt per 1 liter. For natural mineral waters, the figure is much higher.

Is it safe to store water in plastic bottles?

If the storage conditions are met, PET is harmless.

What is the depth of the water source and how takes place the process of filtering?

The source of the "Gelibert" company has a depth of 116 m.
Prior to bottling, the water passes through a series of processing and treatment procedures – first it passes a mechanical filtration in several stages and a processing in the zeolite filter. With the use of an osmos filter, the water salinity is adjusted to 0.5 g/l (water mineralization in the source is 1.34 g/l). Before bottling, the water is treated with UV rays, ultrasound, and then, it undertakes a final filtration.

Which waters are most beneficial - carbonated or still? Which ones are more in demand by buyers?

Of course non-carbonated water is more suitable for the human body. This is why its mass production continues to grow.

Are the bottles and caps cleaned (sterilized) before the bottling process?

Bottles are manufactured straight before bottling process. The preform, from which they are made, is heated to 180 °C, the material becomes elastic and receives the necessary form at the blow molding machine. After molding, the bottle is transported on an air conveyor to the filling machine. This machine has an "ultra-clean" room, which keep the air excess that pass through the HEPA (High Efficiency Particulate Air) filters. In this room there takes the washing of bottles, the filling using isobaric method, the application of lid, which is treated with UV rays.

Are there any preservatives used in the manufacturing of water?

The water is produced without the use of any preservatives.

What about the competition with foreign water manufacturers?

Every day, our water has more and more buyers. Many people begin to realize that not everything imported is better than our domestic products. Our process of production and bottling of water ensures its high quality.

What places (restaurants, cafés, stores) in Chisinau sell the water manufactured by your company?

Our water is intended for a wide range of consumers. It can be found in almost every chain store "METRO", "Green Hills", "Linella", "Unimarket", "Fidesco" etc.