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On Moldovan market there are dozens of manufacturers of cheese and cheese based products, small and large companies that are constantly developing, creating new product lines, experimenting and trying recipes inspired by local and international cheese production traditions.

Local producers presented their novelties at Say Cheese Day 2019, which was held for the third year in a row in the village of Horodiste, in Rezina District.

Lapmol company (Căsuța Mea) has released five new products: two types of suluguni (pigtails and sticks) hard cheese with 40% fat, mozzarella for pizza (semi-hard cheese, 40% fat), Hallumi semi-hard cheese and soft cheese Adâgheiskii, both with 40% fat.

ME Met Sa Produse Impex (Drochia) presented its new products: cheese "De Drochia", a type of feta with a fat content of 35%, 100% natural product and two types of suluguni "Cecil" (pigtails and sticks) with a fat content of 35%, made using pasteurized cow milk, salt and bacterial maya.

There is a new product made by Lactis SA from Riscani as it recently launched the "Provincial" cheese, smoked, shaped like sticks.

InLac from Cupcini, Edinet, has expanded its range of products with new cheese "De Cupcini" shaped like sticks, with bacon and with a fat content of 40%.

Lactalis-Alba from Soroca launched their President Gouda cheese with a fat content of 45%.

The producer from Bravicheni village, in Orhei district, VC Saturn-13 SRL (BraviLacta) offers soft cheese “Andriesh” with greens (dill, parsley), a delicate product with reduced fat content of 30%.

Avacon - Prim SRL (brand “Șaden”) from Hincesti, better known for its suluguni varieties, presented its new cream cheese made using natural milk with a fat content of 45%.

Oganes Vardanean, who is known to consumers thanks to his Armenian cheeses "Liana" and "Artur", has released two new products: a hard cheese, also of Armenian type, called "Ceanah", and one variety of cow cheese. Products are made using cow's milk, clot, coagulation enzymes and salt, without the use of chemical additives.

BioMilk company, that took part for the first time at Say Cheese Day also brought a few of their novelties: Canestrato, Provola, Caș, Ricotta and Mozarella.

For Moldovan dairy products market, which has faced and continues to face numerous problems related to image and infrastructure, the presence of such a large number of cheese producers is good news. Consumers have a huge selection, ranging from industrial cheeses to traditional, rural products. The dairy industry has always played an important role in the economy of our country, and its diversification will certainly have a positive effect.