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Representatives of the Ministry of Agriculture, Regional Development and Environment and the Association of Foreign Investors in the Republic of Moldova decided that the list of products made in Moldova for sale should be supplemented and updated in accordance with a quota of at least 50%.

This updated list contains about 338 positions, including fresh and canned fruits and vegetables, dairy products, eggs, butter, honey, sauces, meats, baked goods, confectionery, soft and alcoholic drinks, etc. The entire list is available here.

Representatives of the Association and the Ministry proposed to increase the number of alcoholic, low-alcoholic beverages and Moldovan wines, because the placement of at least 51% of local products is a very important measure to support Moldovan producers in this difficult period for the country.

According to Art. 21 dr. (12) of the Law on Internal Trade, food merchants, with the exception of those working in small retail trade units, are obliged to purchase and ensure that local food products must be placed on the store shelves in the amount of at least 50 percent.