This was stated by Premier Vladimir Filat, who presented priorities of the government for this year. According to him, GDP of Moldova has grown 14.4% within the last three years and the republic has entered a group of countries with the highest rates of the economic growth.

The budget deficit has been reduced from 15% in 2009 to 1.9% in 2012, the Premier reminded. Moldova achieved these results thanks to assistance rendered by its external development partners, Vladimir Filat stressed and pointed out that amounts of the external aid had constantly grown for our country. To date, projects with the total commitment of $1.3 bln. have been implemented in Moldova under the auspices of external donors of Moldova.

According to the Premier, the GDP target of 4% is going to be achieved thanks to the progress in various branches of the national economy, attraction of new investments and improvement of fiscal administration. Sound economy, new jobs, better living standards, efficient economic reforms, favourable business environment, removal of administrating barriers, encouragement of competition, eradication of monopoly, attraction of investments and respond to corruption are matters of ultimate priority for the government of Moldova in 2013, the Premier said.

The government is committed to considerably improve the business environment so that local and foreign investors will be able to successfully work in Moldova, opening new enterprises, extending trade, etc, Vladimir Filat stated.