In line with the order of head of the Ministry Vasile Bumacov, Deputy Director of the Phyto-sanitary Agency Lilian Istrati was suspended from office until the completion of the investigation. The hot line was launched in the Ministry for exporters to be able to inform about acts of violation and misuse of power from the party of controlling officials. The complaints should be e-mailed to

It should be noted that last week hundreds of trucks loaded with Moldovan fruit and vegetables were blocked at the customs checkpoint in Bryansk. Although the Ministry of Agriculture promptly responded to the situation, the mass media had spread wrong information and tendentious accusations against the Ministry of Agriculture of monopolizing the fruit and vegetable export to Russia, the press release of the Ministry of Agriculture informs.

The Ministry of Agriculture of Moldova notes it possesses evidence that the disinformation and libel campaign has been orchestrated by “those who is going at any price to monopolize export of fruit and vegetables form Moldova to the Russian Federation” by blaming leaders of the Agricultural Ministry for the accident. As early as the year ago there was an attempt to monopolize the export and dictate to exporters, the press release of the Ministry runs.

That time the Ministry took measures and stopped lawlessness. Deputy Director of the Phyto - sanitary Agency Iurie Malanciuc, an initiator of the attempt, was dismissed by the order of the Minister of Agriculture and Food Industry.