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Madein.md comes with an innovative idea for Moldova and plans to implement the project “Pick your own (fruits and vegetables)”, as a continuation of Drumul Fructelor campaign. This practice that provides people access to farmer’s plantations, has already been used successfully in various regions of the world. Visitors have the opportunity to pick their own fruits and pay for them directly to the farmer.

In order to implement this project, a web page was created: drumulfructelor.madein.md, which contains a calendar with approximative ripening (harvest) period of all the available fruits or vegetables, as well as data on farmers available to receive visitors. This page will allow everyone, whether he is a citizen of Moldova or a foreigner, to get personally in contact with local agricultural producers to agree to a possible visit. During this vistis, people have the opportunity to pick up fruits or vegetables they like and pay for them on site, directly to the farmer. This process eliminates any suspicions because by picking their own fruits and vegetables, people have the guarantee that the products are fresh and natural.

This platform also encourages the development of agritourism in Moldova. There may be organized group tours, as some farmers offer a series of additional services. In certain cases, besides picking fruits and vegetables, visitors will have the opportunity to try local dishes, relax in nature, take part in agricultural activities and learn more about local traditions.

It is worth mentioning that over the past 3 years, as part of “Drumul Fructelor” campaign, we had the opportunity to visit a large number of local agricultural producers and learned that they face a number of problems, such as labor shortage (especially during harvest) and the search of new markets. Thanks to this platform, both parties benefit: the consumer spends time in nature and pick his own fresh fruits and vegetables, while farmers reduce the costs associated with storing and transportation of products.