The second visit organized by in the frame of initiative "Fruits Route", was held on May 30 and gathered a group of 20 people, previously registered for this trip. After a productive visit to the strawberry plantation, it was logical to continue this series of trips to the first fruits of summer – the sweet cherries.

30 km from Chisinau, near the village of Negresti, Straseni, we discovered a beautiful sweet cherries orchard of LGVD-Agro company, administrated by the farmer George Soilita, a man of great experience and extensive knowledge in the agricultural sector.

In this young orchard that was planted about four years ago, each of the participants had the opportunity to enjoy the sweet taste of cherries of European varieties, to take a breath of fresh air surrounded by beautiful landscapes or to take pictures in this rich orchard, abundant with fruits. Among visitors there were parents with children who fully welcomed this initiative and were very pleased to spend some time in nature.

After everyone filled their stomach with sweet cherries, visitors headed to the industrial refrigerator of LGVD-Agro, where Mr. Gheorghe shared with us useful information on the process of cherries cultivation, its varieties, methods of protection. All participants had the opportunity to purchase several kilos of sweet cherries, at an affordable price and in total, Gheorghe Soilita managed to sell us 65 kg of juicy and fragrant fruits.

This visit was useful for everyone: participants, as well as the producer, who praised this initiative as well. Well, we can only be glad that "Fruits Route" is gaining momentum and we will try to make our next trip even more interesting.