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It is important to know that for the prevention of many diseases there are used not the raspberry fruits, but leaves, buds and young branches of shrubs as well.

In order to prevent and fight many diseases there are used not the raspberry fruits, but leaves, buds and young branches of shrubs as well. Raspberries have a diverse chemical composition that correlate with therapeutic properties and specific actions in the treatment of various diseases, especially in the case of colds and various forms of influenza.

The minimum dose of raspberry consumption for them to reach the full effect is 150 grams per day. By the way, nutritionists believe that this is the minimum recommended daily portion for other fruits as well: strawberries, sour cherries, sweet cherries, etc.

This article will be dedicated to raspberry tea and syrup, products that play an essential role in the prevention and treatment of influenza, colds and pulmonary diseases.

Raspberry Tea

Raspberry tea helps reduce lower body temperature: raspberry fruits and berries in general have a powerful effect in the prevention of overheat and sweating.

For raspberry tea there can be used fresh, dried and frozen fruits or leaves. The easiest way  is to place 5-10 fresh or dried leaves in a cup of boiling water and leave it to infuse for 5-10 minutes. The same principles applies to the fruits. The hot drink is filtered and, if desired, mitigated with a teaspoon of honey.

Raspberry tea helps to soothe a sore throat, can be used to rinse the throat and helps in the treatment of ulcers, wounds or eczema. Tea plays an important role in alleviating the symptoms of influenza, removing toxins from the body, and having antipyretic effect. Raspberries may also be used in inhalation process.

Raspberry Syrup

In order to make this product, raspberry fruits should be washed thoroughly and crushed with a fork, then placed in a fine cheesecloth and squeeze out the juice until it is transparent. Then, three glass honey juice are added to the beaker and stirred well, leaving the mass to lie within 7 days. Honey can also be replaced by the same amount of sugar.

Syrup is taken in neat from or diluted with water (4-6 tablespoons per day) for the treatment of pulmonary disease and in cases of colds and hoarseness.

Moreover, syrup or tea, sweetened with honey is a very useful tool for people who strain their vocal cords (singers, teachers, etc.).

Other Useful Recipes Based on Raspberries

Raspberry liqueur (Zmeurata): 1 kg of fresh fruit are put into a bottle with 500 grams of sugar, which is absorbed within 5-6 days in the sun with daily stirring. Add 1 liter of alcohol, tightly close and leave it for additional absorption for another 2-3 weeks. Then all is filtered through gauze and a thin layer of cotton wool. Ine the liquor one can add 100 ml of rum and pour into bottles which are sterilized immediately.

Raspberry juice prepared from 200 g of fruits, mixed with strawberries and blueberries: all this is washed and squeezed through cheesecloth. One can add sugar according to personal preferences and taste.

Raspberry vinegar is obtained from crushed fruits in a proportion of 1.5 kg per liter of white vinegar, which is macerated for 10 days, filtered and put in a tightly sealed bottle.