KIKU Steak & Wine is a hospitable place, ideal for lovers of meat and good wine. The restaurant located in the capital of the city, on Decebal Boulevard and the eco design elements and wood inlay welcomes all who wish to visit this beautiful place and try different dishes from menu. We talked with Mr. Petru Chicu, the owner of this stylish place, about his restaurant and the problems this business may face in our country.

Tell me, what is the specific character of your restaurant and what kind of audience it is intended for?

The name itself, I think, says everything. We focus mainly on the meat menu and can recommend and show customers how to drink correctly a good wine. Our visitors represent mostly the middle class, but our prices are also accessible for other categories.

What dishes from your cuisine would you recommend?

I can recommend you any dish, but it would take too much time! There are clients who prefer medium roasted or strong roasted meat, there are different categories of cooking, and we always ask customers what would they prefer. The products that we use are organic, some of them are from rural areas, from my parents. I personally choose the ingredients that we use in our menu.

What are the main problems for this type of business in Moldova?

There are several small problems, but we should avoid or eliminate them. We are careful in selecting our staff, waiters. We appreciate integrity, professionalism and conscience. I, for example, can easily take the place of chef, waiter or dishwasher, because this restaurant is mainly my house.

What do you think about a Romanian/ Moldovan cuisine? Does Your restaurant prepare anything from typical local cuisine?

I like it, but this cuisine is not specific for our restaurant. Being the chef, sometimes I try to reconcile with some of the customers who want something special, such as steak, eggs, mamaliga, etc. We are flexible in our prices and in our work.

What are the criteria used to choose domestic products?

The taste. I have no complaints about the prices for the products, the most important thing is the high quality. Freshness and taste are the main criteria. If in winter tomatoes were 23 or 40 lei, I chose the ones that cost 40 lei per kg.

How fully can domestic products cover the needs of your menu?

Approximately by 75-80%. Most of the dishes contain local ingredients. From other countries I use only pasta, which I buy from foreign manufacturers.

What is your opinion about the quality of Moldovan alimentary products?

I have no problems with that. I always choose the best, high quality products.

With what local companies/ manufacturers do You cooperate most often?

We cooperate with the meat factory "Rogob" and take milk from la SA "Incomlac", and wine from different local manufacturers.

How can you characterize cooperation with local manufacturers / suppliers of product?

We have business cooperation relations. Basically, I do not depend on others, as I am pretty individual personality.

Are there any financial benefits in use of domestic products in your business?

May be some promotion, but generally I take the market prices as theyr are. If i like the the quality of the products, that means they are ok.

What would be the role of your restaurant in promoting local products and Moldovan brands?

Good, quality food. We are professionals in what we do. We put our soul into every dish, and if we have loyal customers, this means that we are on the right track.