The Mami Co restaurant is placed between two historical and cultural streets in the heart of Chisinau City, Mihai Eminescu and Veronica Micle. With an archaic design, lounge music style, this establishment offers a friendly atmosphere and a variety of European dishes. The owner of the restaurant, Corneliu Bîtcă and the chef Denis Brovceac offered us an interview with more details on the restaurant’s menu.

Tell me, what is the specific character of your restaurant and what kind of audience it is intended for?

My audience is composed of artists, actors, singers, diplomatic corps representatives, foreign tourists and every inhabitant of Chisinau.

What dishes from your cuisine would you recommend?

We prepare everything the client requires. But our main specialization is European cuisine. I recommend the Mami Co Beef Steak.

What are the main issues on which you focus in working with clients?

Communication. We treat all our client equally and friendly. Here they feel at home.

What are the main problems for this type of business in Moldova?

The Poverty in this country.

What do you think about a Romanian/ Moldovan cuisine? Does Your restaurant prepare anything from typical local cuisine?

We have no specific Moldovan dishes. Our style is European cuisine. But if the customer requires, we can cook something from Moldovan cuisines, but these cases are rare.

What are the criteria used to choose domestic products?

We have no special criteria. The chef goes to the Agricultural Market or Metro.

How fully can domestic products cover the needs of your menu?

Domestic products cover absolutely everything. We import only the sea fish, the rest is local product.

What is your opinion about the quality of Moldovan alimentary products?

We are very satisfied with the quality of Moldovan products. Even peasants cultivate good agricultural products.

With what local companies/ manufacturers do You cooperate most often?

Agricultural Market and Metro.

How can you characterize cooperation with local manufacturers / suppliers of product?
Only positive.

Are there any financial benefits in use of domestic products in your business?

Price, convenience and quality.

What would be the role of your restaurant in promoting local products and Moldovan brands?

Mami Co – will make you feel at your Mom’s home! Portions are nonstandard, filled with more food.

NB. This restaurant has a very welcoming terrace.