The restaurant "Popasul Dacilor" is open to all the fans of the national cuisine. Located in a beautiful, green area, in a remote part of the capital city, it combines a relaxing and comfortable atmosphere with the smell of staffed cabbage cooked in the oven. For more information on traditional Moldavian cuisine, served in Popasul Dacilor, we spoke with Mrs. Liliana Pavalachi, the owner of this place.

Tell me, what is the specific character of your restaurant and what kind of audience it is intended for?

We are open to any client and we welcome anyone who wants to try the menu of national cuisine, because this is the specific character of our restaurant – the traditional cuisine. We are working and have partnerships mainly with local producers. They are our basic suppliers, a fact that allows us to create a varied and ecological menu.

What dishes from your cuisine would you recommend?

I recommend them all! Each dish has its own specific taste. In our restaurant you can find food for any gourmand.

What are the main issues on which you focus in working with clients?

We are trying to ensure a professional service to our customers, all the dishes are cooked with love by our chefs, we provide technical support and pay due attention to every client. The ambiance is also one of the important factors in dealing with clients. We are doing everything possible for our customers to relax and have a good time.

What are the main problems for this type of business in Moldova?

I don’t think we have any problems. Our restaurant is a part of numerous tourist routes and we are visited by various delegations, it pleases us and makes us work better and better. We tell our foreign customers about our history, the ancestors, and all the good things in our country.

What do you think about a Romanian/ Moldovan cuisine? 

It is very diverse, and we have a lot to be proud of. After visiting several countries, such as Spain, Italy and even Romania, I can say that we have a menu that would suit all tastes.

What are the criteria used to choose domestic products?

We have partnerships with farmers from Cimislia district. They supply us with organic and bio products. They are mainly poultry farmers that sell us meat, dairy products, eggs. We have been working with them for eight years and hope to continue this cooperation. We also take ice cream from the local manufacturer JLC. I think there is no use to promote some Italian desert, if we have quality domestic products.

How fully can domestic products cover the needs of your menu?

About 99 percent.

What is your opinion about the quality of Moldovan alimentary products?

Seven years ago, we signed a contract with the Presidency of our country. To foreign delegations that visit us, we offer only high quality products. It is clear that everyone is looking for top foods, of excellent quality.

With what local companies/ manufacturers do You cooperate most often?

I already mentioned that we have partnerships with local farmers. Also, in our restaurant can find wines from Mileştii Mici, Purcari. Still and sparkled water is imported from Romania, because their offer was more suitable for us.

How can you characterize cooperation with local manufacturers / suppliers of product?

I have no objections. There are many partners we cooperate with, since the opening of the restaurant and they confirmed their loyalty during this period. In case if I notice any problems, there is always the possibility to find something better.

Are there any financial benefits in use of domestic products in your business?

Our restaurant is functioning not only for profit, but also to provide quality service to customers and visitors. Well-prepared traditional menu and great atmosphere – these are the features we offer those who choose to visit us. When the client comes back to us, it is not only useful, but also quite pleasant.

What would be the role of your restaurant in promoting local products and Moldovan brands?

I think that our restaurant itself is a kind of brand. The fact that we are a national restaurant and we use only domestic products already shows that we are promoting local manufacturers.