Robert's Coffee is part of a Finnish franchise. They opened restaurants in many countries of the world, including Republic of Moldova. The person responsible for all the activities in the café is Mr. Onur Kalfa, a young man from Turkey who lives and works in Molodva for already 6 years. Onur fell in love with our country and at this point his main concern is the prosperity of his business. MadeinMD team made and interview and learned more about the menu and dishes of the restaurant.

Tell me, what is the specific character of your restaurant and what kind of audience it is intended for?

Our place is opened for everybody. We mainly focus on coffee-based products, but also offer customers a variety of teas, juices and culinary specialties. However, the coffee is the product which dominates our menu.

What dishes from your menu would you recommend?

I can recommend any dish from our menu. I am sure that you will be satisfied.

What are the main issues on which you focus in working with clients?

Hospitality and customer care. We can prepare dishes that are not on the menu and in cases when customers are not satisfied with our service, food or beverages, they are entitled not to pay. For us their opinion very important. In addition, recently, I joined my colleagues and bartenders and I serve the customers along them. Our faclity is based on relations of friendship and respect.

What are the main problems for this type of business in Moldova?

It is great that Moldovans began to understand the philosophy of coffee. They began to travel, learn new things, and many of them already know how to choose a good coffee. Unfortunately, in Moldova there are a limited number of ingredients that we could buy and use in the preparation of our meals or drinks. For this reason, we import more products from abroad.

What do you think about a Romanian/ Moldovan cuisine?

Every country has a specific cuisine and we can not say that the kitchen in one country is better than in other. For example, Turkish desserts are too sweet for Moldovans, but are absolutely natural for us. Also, many of moldovan dishes are present in the Turkish cusine.

What are the criteria used to choose domestic products?

We use milk produced in Moldova, as it is a fresh product. Various types of cheese we buy from France or Italy.

How fully can domestic products cover the needs of your menu?

Not very much. As I said earlier, in Moldova there are only few companies and products that can help us diversify our menu. For this reason, we buy a lot of ingredients from abroad.