Uptown Café is a new establishment opened recently in the center of Chisinau, which quickly gained popularity, especially among young people. Beside its delicious food and affordable prices, the café hosts a variety of events to support the art and culture in the Republic of Moldova.

Andrei Ciobanu, the owner of Uptown Cafe, shared with us more information about its business.

Tell me, what is the specific character of Your establishment and for what kind of audience it is intended?

I don’t have a target audience, it is a place for people who want to eat high-quality food. Our dishes represent a fusion of recipes from several European and Asian cuisines.

What dishes from Your cuisine would you recommend?

As a fourth category chef, I take care for all our dishes to be tasty. I cannot give preference to one particular dish. They are all delicious.

What do you think about a Romanian / Moldovan cuisine? Does Your establishment prepare anything from typical local cuisine?

The only typical Moldovan dish in the menu is chicken soup with homemade noodles, which is very tasty. By the way, I am a big fan of Moldovan / Romanian cuisine.

What domestic products do you use in your dishes?

Most of them are local, 90% of the products used in cooking process are domestic. I try to buy as much Moldovan products as possible for several reasons: first, because they are always fresh, the quality/ price ratio is very good, and last but not least, to support local producers.

What is Your opinion about the quality of Moldovan alimentary products?

Very good.

With what local companies/ manufacturers do You cooperate most often?

I do not work directly with the producers, I work with distributors.

Are there any financial benefits in use of domestic products in your business?

Naturally there are some benefits. The prices are better. For example, imported milk is much more expensive than local.

... Yes, but the validity of imported milk is 6 months, while of domestic one is only for 3 days.

Our milk has a shelf life of three days and I am sure that it is natural, and what kind of milk has 6 months validity? In any case, the milk in our cuisine is utilized very quickly.

NB: The homemade chocolate in Uptown Cafe is simply delicious.