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Local producer Litra Brewing Co has recieved an important award at one of the most famous beer competitions in the world - European Beer Star. Litra Tyask Cuvee Blanc won a silver medal in the Fruit Beer category and was recognized by the organizers as "... one of the world's best beers!" In this category, the beer made in Moldova lost only to Italian BorderWINE from Birrifico Apauno.

European Beer Star is one of the most popular and challenging beer competitions in the world, held annually in Germany. This year it gathered more than 2,000 producers from 42 countries, the beer was tested by a jury composed of 70 experts and each category had only three winners. This competition focuses on high quality beers, with authentic character and with particular attention to beers of European origin.

Litra Tyask Cuvee Blanc is a less common type of beer, the combination of malt, noble German hops and grapes, place it somewhere between beer and wine. It has a strong acidity, notes of malt, biscuits and Sauvignon Blanc. The alcohol concentration is 8%.