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Red Cherry Ale and Cherry Bock are two experimental beers recently launched by Beermaster brewery in the city of Balti.

Red Cherry Ale is a fruity ale-type beer with natural cherry fruits, brewed according to old Belgian recipes. There were used only whole fruits, freshly picked cherries in the proportion: 200 g of fresh cherries per 1 liter of beer.

Cherry Bock is a beer infused with Munich, Chocolate and Pilsen malt, fermented with cherries. It has a strong, sweet taste and rich aroma, revealing only a small hint of Ahtanum hops.

Both beers are experimental and have been produced in small batches. At the moment they are available only in the BEERMASTER PUB in Balti. As for beer lovers in Chisinau and other localities, they can contact the producer directly, to find out how these varieties can be ordered.