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LuminaLED is a new local factory, a family business with 100% Moldovan capital that recently opened its doors in Chisinau. The company was founded by famous entrepreneurs Valentina and Nicolai Tricolici.

The factory was built "from scratch", its total area is 6500 square meters and it consists of two compartments. On the ground floor there is a showroom - a space of 3250 square meters, which presents about 40,000 items, one way or another connected with electricity: lamps, cables, accessories, tools, household appliances, workwear, etc. On the second floor, 3000 sq.m are used for production and 250 - for offices. Currently, the company has 50 employees and by spring this number will increase up to 300. There will also be 35 jobs for people with disabilities.

Entrepreneur Nicolai Tricolici, who is also a co-founder of Supraten and Supraten Plus supermarkets chains, said that LuminaLED products will have higher quality due to the fact that LED crystals transfer 15% of the electricity to the light, and the remaining 85% - to the heat. Therefore, the key problem is the removal of this heat. Most manufacturers use plastic, which conducts heat poorly, and cheap glue for the base. At the new factory, on the other hand, there will be used aluminum-based fixtures, as well as highest quality glues and adhesives.

As for LED-lamps, consumers can be sure that they will be sold at very reasonable prices, and not only in specialized stores. LuminaLED has already signed an agreement with Nr. 1 and several others supermarket chains.

Products are designed and manufactured in the company's own research and development department in accordance with all the rules and standards of the European Union. Its quality is verified by a modern laboratory, capable of testing the product according to hundreds different parameters.

To date, 36 million lei has been invested in the project, and the total investment is estimated at 3 million euros.

LuminaLED is located on the street. Mihai Sadoveanu, 42, near Megapolis Mall in Chisinau.