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Barelywine is a very unusual beer with a high alcohol content and density, which usually has a dark ruby color and a reminiscent wine taste.

Moldovan craft beer manufacturer, Litra Brewing Company has released a unique product for local market - the first barleywine, made in Moldova. This unusual product was brewed together with partners from the Russian craft brewery Victory Art Brew. The new Barelywine is a drink for pleasure; it has a pink color, strawberry berries and grapes flavor.

Brewers from Litra decided to give this drink a national note and used 1000 kg of grapes, from which they made 540 liters of juice. Thus, the new product is a combination of Barleywine and grape juice. In this context, representatives of the company would like to thank the Etcetera winery, which provided the grapes for this experiment.

Starting from 23 December, the beer is on sale at Litra brewery. It is really a unique product manufactured in a limited ammount.