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After the release of sparkling wines in metal cans, made using Charmat method, the Apriori brand has launched two new products: cocktails made with sparkling wine with orange and peach aromas. They are called Sprizz Orange and Sprizz Peach and are also be sold in metal cans. The drinks are made according to Italian technology, using vitis vinifera white grapes harvested in the southern regions of Moldova. The alcohol concentration of the drinks is 6%.

Sprizz Orange is a drink that enhances the orange flavor and the perlage of the bubbles in the glass. It can be paired various appetizers, fresh fruits and desserts.

Sprizz Peach has a balanced peach flavor, a fine perlage and a delicate aroma. It also goes well with appetizers, fresh fruits and desserts. Recommended serving temperature is 6-8 ° C.