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Maurt company is well-known to Moldovan consumers, being one of the leading producers of sparkling wines and spirits in the country. On domestic market sparkling wines Bacio di Bole and Maurt, liqueurs from Tornado series or balm Fat Frumos are quite popular and this year the company launched its own divins (cognacs). The two new products were released under the trademark "Marshal", thery are of VS and VSOP categories, three and five years old respectively. The new divins were first presented at the National Wine Day 2017.

The company Maurt has a modern winery in Nisporeni, protected geographical region of “Codru”, as well as a bottling plant in Chisinau. Most of the production processes take place in Nisporeni.
The white wine (raw material for distillate) is produced here, and then delivered to the company Vismos, the distillate manufacturer. After that, the distillate returns to Nisporeni, where it ripens according to classical French technology in oak barrels. Barrels in which the ripening occurs are made in Moldova from wood imported from the Krasnodar region, Russia.

In Nisporeni, the distillates are ripening since 2009. A few more barrels were filled with cognac alcohol in the following years, as the company intends to continue production of divins in the future.
Blending and rest (at least 3 months) also occur here, in Nisporeni, in oak barrels or in tanks in which oak wood is added. The recipes of the divines were developed by the plant's technologists, guided by external consultants and experts in cognac production. The company also possesses modern technologies of water softening using the reverse osmosis.

After the "rest", the divin is transported to Chisinau, where the conditioning and, finally, the bottling process takes place.

"Marshal" divins are already available in the shops of the capital and throughout the country. It was produced 20,000 bottles of each product, and the manufacturer's price is 110 lei for a 3-year-old divin and 115 for a 5-year-old one.

Interesting facts about Maurt:

- the company was officially founded in 1996 by Aurel Morar, the current CEO of the company.
- In the Nisporeni district, the company has its own vineyards, which occupy an area of 25 hectares, but the first harvest is expected in 2018.
- The bottling plant in Chisinau uses high-quality Italian technology. The capacity is 6000 bottles per hour.
- The annual production of the company is 10 million bottles (wines, sparkling wines, balms, brandy, liqueurs, vodka and other alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages).
- About 60% of the company's products are sold on the local market, and the remaining 40% are exported
- The company exports products to countries such as China, Taiwan, Belarus, Kazakhstan, the United States, Romania and most recently Switzerland. On the territory of Romania, Maurt products are available in all Kaufland stores.
- Maurt also produced an exceptional sparkling wine with gold particles called Bacio di Bolle Grand Cuvee Gold.